Dishes to Try While Travelling During the Summer

Summer is hot, anybody can tell you that. This is the time most people go for holidays. A lot of travel and leisure is done. I am sure a lot of sweating is also involved too. A warm weather can be so uncomfortable but for me traveling during the summer has become one of the things on the to-do list.

Once you hire a car for your summer travel, take your time to decide on what to eat. I have a special list just for you. Choose what is good for you. It is a combination of food that can help you go through the summer heat and give you handle summer fatigue.

1. Shaved milk ice

Many people call it cotton ice famous in Eastern Asia. Some of use plain ice, it can be very cold, unpleasant and not be filling. Shaved milk ice is done by passing condensed milk through shaving machine.

2. Grilled Salmon

Oh! This is my number one. The market is hugely filled with wild salmon in the summer. Salmon is a quick fix, not much time required in making it ready before you travel. You can fix it before you kick off a holiday trip.

3. Pieces of Watermelon Rind

Traveling in the summer can be a thirsty session. The need for water increases. A lot of sweating happens and you will need to replace the lost water each time to stay on top of your game. Pieces of watermelon rind can be stored in a fridge after getting the pink flesh from them. Instead of using lettuces all the time you can stew the rids-the green part- and enjoy them on a road trip.

4. Peach cobbler

This can be fixed from wherever you are. You just need cooked peaches and biscuit crusts. Peaches ripen well on intense heat. This makes them sweeter and water-full (Succulent). Peach cobblers can be a good way of dealing with summer heat and thirst.

5. Korean chicken

Some people cannot avoid chicken even on a sunny day. One thing is for sure, chicken is irresistible. My special treat is Korean fried chicken. In Korea, this meal is supplemented with beer if you are a big fan. Korean chicken is special due to its crispiness. This meal is hugely moist and together with any cold and soft or hard drink, you have yourself summer food.

6. Fruits, Fruit Salads, Vegetables and Fruit Juices

Fruits are an anytime meal. They just need the right conditions. Fruits are a refreshing summer traveling option. When you hire a car, check for compartments. Somewhere, foods can be stored as you do a road travel.

The best fruits for me are:

• Bananas: Summer is a high body season. Bananas are good since their mucous neutralizes body pH levels besides their provision of roughage.
• Tomatoes: This is a good cooling food. Tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants that reduce sunburns during summer.
• Dandelion leaves: The body tends to lose some minerals during summer. Dandelions are rich in minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins which can be replaced by this special treat. Ice dandelion leaves and you will be impressed.
• Cucumbers: This fruit is water-rich and can provide a cooling effect on your body. You can use them in place of melons; they are both good for the summer.